Superb II - topení

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Superb II - topení

Prosím o radu. Mám škodu superb 2,0 tdi kombi r.v.2011, DSG, 125Kw automat, ale zjistil jsem, že mi vůz začne topit až po ujetých 10km z domu a tak jsem nechal vyměnit oba dva termostaty a stále se to nelepší. Nevíte někdo kde by mohla být chyba, co s tím mám ještě dělat?

Доброго времени сутов уважаемые

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For sure, isn't

For sure, isn't a perfect place to share my equestrian hobby, but I have to start somewhere, so I thought that "" category will be ok.

Matter for many riders. Some riders do not feel the need to utilize them and
consider them an unnecessary attachment, though some can't imagine functioning
without them. What is the Reality? In case you decide to utilize a rug, which one would be
suitable for your horse? It is true that within their
Natural habitat, horses do just fine with no conveniences as rugs. But,
we must note that horses working in horse riding don't possess the same
functioning circumstances as the horses living in their natural habitat. To start with, horses training under the saddle are usually shaven, which damages
their natural protective layer against low temperatures. Most time when it is cold outdoors, these horses invest inside, where they are not subject to reduced temperatures. Even the matter of a different diet is essential. That is why
we can't expect them to possess the immunity their free brothers possess. While
changing the horses' customs and environment, we will need to supply them with
protection against the negative ramifications of e.g. weather. For this very reason we've got various kinds of carpeting. Which type would be useful to your horse and
if to use it? We will attempt to describe that.

In stores it is possible to encounter these kinds of rugs:

  1. Coaching -- this type of rug is put on together with a
    saddle. It will be ideal for colder days. We should mention that
    training with them must not be too exhausting, because your horse might
    have difficulty with losing heat excess from the body.
  2. Dry -- normally made from fleece another substance with moisture-absorbing properties. This sort of rugs is usually
    used after instruction so as to wash the horse. In stores, you can locate them as
    fleece carpeting.
  3. Stable -- recommended for shaved horses. They
    should protect the horse from heating too much, but in precisely the same time they
    do not block air flow, so the horse doesn't sweat. To be utilised in stalls.
  4. Paddock -- to be utilized on paddocks. It will protect
    your horse from the wind and light rain. Made of materials easy to wash. This type of rug is ideal for paddocks on rainy days.
    Mostly they are designed to be as watertight as possible. Normally made from mesh material. This type of a rug is super helpful in the
    summertime, where horses are especially susceptible to insects' bites of all
  5. Winter --
    carpets using cushioning. Usually it is possible to pick from a couple
    of thickness of cushioning for one model.
  6. Transport -- to be utilized to protect the horse
    during transportation.

Another thing is to adjust the
Appropriate length. Namely, how to select proper dimensions for your own horse. Particular producers have different size markers. There is a rule where for components of length is the length
of the rug on the horse's back. This value is essential for deciding on the right
size. Of course, it's best when you can
take a look at a chart when all of the rug's measurements are mentioned. Then you
can be confident a given size will suit your horse correctly.

As you can
See, by employing proper rug you can assist your horse in managing unpleasant
Weather, insects, or protect him during transportation. Also, you should not overdo
The entire carpet item. If you utilize them if they are not required, you can disturb
But you need to remember
That with no rug once the weather is bad, you undermine your horse e.g. into a
Higher chance of catching a cold.

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Здравствуйте, нашла довольно интересный сайт, любителей животных.
У тебя есть подобные фантазии? напиши мне, надеюсь я такая не одна.
Люблю секс во всех его проявлениях и хочу попробовать много нового с твоим мохнытым другом

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Прошу строго не критикуйте, мы живём один раз и я хочу всё это попробовать.

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